Monterey Starlight
senior sires

Sire selection is of critical importance to Monterey’s breeding programme and to the ongoing viability of our operation. Sires must be of superior quality and excel in our cornerstone traits if they are to make a positive contribution to the herd’s productivity and viability, and equally importantly, to our clients' profitability.

Impressive Sire Battery

The quality of our sire battery is such that we have never been as excited as we are this year, in looking forward to next year’s calving.

Our slogan of “Performance in the West” certainly stands up when viewing the Murray Grey database for performance data internationally.
This year’s sale team had 38-40 young bulls that were rated in the top 10% of the breed for 200, 400 & 600 day weight, with many of those in the top 1-5%. A feature of the genetic make-up of our herd is that almost all bulls rate very highly on the $Index values for both Long Fed & Domestic Supermarket Indexes, making them particularly versatile

Senior Sires Profile

Monterey Stratosphere: Top class, large framed, long and deep bodied bull with fantastic growth and weight for age. His daughters now have their first calves and are proving to be very fertile, have excellent udders and have calved without assistance. He has produced a number of outstanding sons , all with growth, large eye muscles, super sound structure, docile temperaments and great butt profiles. Scrotal EBV’s top 1%, Carcase Wt top1%, RBY top 2%, EMA top 1-5%, Supermarket $Index top1%+.

Monterey Sundowner: Multi traitleader for 6 traits. A magnificent example of the breed. Sundowner was sold as a calf at foot in our 1997 sale and repurchased in partnership with Tullibardine for top price at the Western Premier Sale in 1999. Has impressed all who have seen him. Progeny show outstanding potential. His sons are breeding on exceptionally well and his daughters have got terrific udders. . Frame 7+, wt 1300+kg. Daughter Supreme on the Hoof Trade Exhibit Perth Royal 2005, and sire of Showgirl A130, Junior Interbreed Champion, Perth Royal 2006 and M Jeannie A16, Senior & Grand Champ Female & Supreme Exhibit Perth Royal 2007.

Monterey Egyptian: Another great breeding bull with outstanding performance, together with a low birthweight of +2.7. Traitleader for 200 & 600 day weights and Carcase Wt . Both $Indexes top 1-5%. 1240kg, FS 6.5.

Monterey Steamroller: Terrific, easy doing bull with fantastic butt profile, who has bred many top class sons. His sire, Monterey Performer, won both the greatest gain on trial and weight for age with ratios of 115 & 119% at the Kojonup Bull Trial. His daughters are fertile, excellent milkers and we have bred them to Stratosphere and his sons, as we believe this to be an outstanding cross. Steamroller’s EMA is well above the top 1% on Group Breedplan, at 3.4%, and he is a traitleader for 400 day weight, scrotal and carcase weight. Supermarket $Index top 20%.

Monterey Verdict: A no nonsense, highly fertile sire with terrific growth and muscling, and his calves are born easily. Traitleader for 400 & 600 day weight, scrotal and carcase. Has outstanding EMA – top 1%, Carcase Wt top 1%, and fantastic $Index values. 1180kg, FS 6.4. All on +2.9 birthweight.

Monterey Freight Train: Top bull of his drop and has impressed all who have seen him. 1300kg+, long as a train with a terrific hindquarter. His first sons include Monterey Freight Train B132, an absolute crowd stopper, who has the greatest growth potential of any bull sold by us this year. Freight Train is a grey son of Sundowner. Performance data top 1%.

Monterey West Coast Y209: A Steamroller son with stretch and frame, from a top quality cow. His first calves show real potential and stand out in the mob. The EMA’s and weight for age of his sons are most impressive. Supermarket $Index top 5-10%.

Willalooka Xerox: Very good breeding bull with an outstanding spread of figures. Traitleader for 200,400 & 600 day growth and Carcase Wt, off a birthweight of +1.6 -well below breed average.

Monterey Starlight
Monterey Impeccable
Monterey Whirlwind Y176
Monterey Silver Star X176
Monterey Unit Holder Z16
Monterey Report Card Z17
Monterey Mega Man X10
Monterey Majestic Boy A218



Monterey Stratosphere

Stratosphere pictured at 4 yrs of age. Trait leader for 5 traits

Monterey Sundowner

Monterey Sundowner. Traitleader for 6 traits

Monterey Egyptian

Trait leader Monterey Egyptian pictured at 5yrs

Monterey Steamroller

Monterey Steamroller. Traitleader for 3 traits

Monterey Freight Train

Monterey Freight Train

Monterey Silver Star X176

Monterey Silver Star X176. Starlight son from a Tremendous dam