Sale Day
Monterey sale


26th Annual Production Sale - 7th February, 2018

Gary and Julie would like to thank all buyers, underbidders and Agents for supporting our 26th Annual Sale, and a sincere thank you to our staff and stockies for their contribution towards the day's success.

Lot 5 - Top priced lot of the sale - Monterey Momentum M24 -
Sold for $18,000 to Hampden Farms, Donnybrook WA

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2018 Sale Pics

2nd top priced bull was Lot 17, Monterey Montezuma M205, purchased by Silverstone Livestock for $16,000

Top priced Angus bull was Lot 21, Monterey Mirage M101, sold to Elders Esperance for $15,500

2nd top priced Angus bull was Lot 23, Monterey Minesweeper M59, sold to Nixon Brothers, New Norcia WA for $15,000

Top priced Angus female was Lot 123, Monterey Dutchess K15, purchased by Telina Downs for $12,000

Top priced Murray Grey female was Lot 99, Monterey Primrose J246, purchased by G & JR & DJ Koopman for $8,000