Scott River
Monterey Location

Monterey is situated in the lower Southwest corner of Western Australia, just south of the well-known Margaret River wine growing region. We farm 1800 acres at our picturesque Scott River property (Scott River Station), which includes 5.2 km frontage on one side and 4km on the other side of the Scott River, and our home property (Monterey), 207 acres at Karridale. In addition, a further 2000 acres is leased between Karridale and Busselton.

We are traditionally a 48” rainfall area, with a winter growing season between April and November. Our climate is mild temperature wise, but we experience a great many storms coming directly off the Indian and Southern Oceans during the winter months

Pastures are based on a rye grass /clover mix with areas of kikuyu. The only cropping consists of fodder crops of either oats or rye grass /oats mix.

The bulk of our annual calf drop (usually 600+ calves) is weaned and carried through the summer on pasture and conserved haylage and hay.

Calving commences during mid March, with the main drop from early April onwards.


Hay mowing


Scott River cows

Cows and calves at Scott River Station

Monterey Primrose U5

Monterey Primrose U5, traitleader for 200 day wt, pictured as a 2yo with calf