Monterey Junior Sires
Monterey junior sires

We have kept 6 "B" drop Junior Sires for our own use in this year 's matings, and along with 2 new purchases, Yamba Bonanza B32 and Lindsay Starbright B123, we believe them to be a formidable team.

Junior Sires Profile

Monterey Bombadier B5

Monterey Saratoga B13

Monterey Bodybuilder B30

Monterey Steamroller B140

Monterey Bandleader B153

Monterey Bootlegger B216

Monterey Brazilian B39

Monterey sale bulls 2008
2008 Sale bulls



Monterey Bodybuilder B30

Bodybuilder B30

Monterey Steamroller

Steamroller son Monterey Steamroller B140

Monterey Saratoga B13

Egyptian Son Monterey Saratoga B13