Monterey females
Monterey females

We pride ourselves on the quality of our females, with heifers required to calve at 22-24 mths of age and produce a sappy calf every year after.

Mated heifers sell to South Australia

Above & below. An example of some of the top quality stud heifers we sold recently to Richard and Cathy Koral, Glen Bold Murray Grey Stud, Echunga, South Australia, representing a cross section of our best known female lines. We wish Richard and Cathy every success with their purchases.

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At nine years of age, Monterey Gemstone S22, a Majestic Lad daughter, defeated far younger females to win Senior Champion Murray Grey Female at the 2006 Perth Royal Show. Gemstone displayed flawless structural soundness and a magnificent udder, in spite of her advanced years. Gemstone was also shown as a heifer in Perth in 1998, where she won Junior & Grand Champion Female Murray Grey.

Tribute to Syndicate

Going through our herd records revealed we still have 5 “L” drop females breeding in the herd. All are still wonderfully sound, have excellent calves at foot, have never missed rearing a calf and are all still here because they have performed. The remarkable similarity is that they are all like peas in a pod and all sired by Orcadia Park Syndicate. Syndicate was purchased for $15,000 for a ¾ share back in 1989 and is still a multi traitleader in the breed for 200 Day Growth, Scrotal, Milk (+9, top 1%) and Carcase Wt.

His dam, O.P. Sapphire 2nd, was Senior and Grand Champion in her year at Melbourne Royal, and was highly regarded in the breed.

He was a sire with great character, and left a legacy of wonderful daughters and sons. We believe the longevity his daughters exhibit is a true testament to the structural correctness and genetic strength they have inherited from Syndicate.



Mated 'C' drop heifers sold recently

Monterey Annabelle C250

Monterey Champion heifers

L-R Monterey Miss Annabelle V72 Jnr and Grand Champ Female, & Monterey Dutchess V17 Res Jnr Champ 2001 Perth Royal

Monterey Jeannie A16

Monterey Jeannie A16 Snr and Grand Champion and Supreme MG Exhibit 2007 Perth Royal

Monterey Gemstone A22

Monterey Gemstone S22 Jnr and Grand Champ 1998 Perth Royal and pictured as Senior and Grand Champ 2006 Perth Royal

Monterey Melanie L69

Syndicate daughter Monterey Melanie L69 pictured at 16yrs with Freight Train bull calf at foot