(Courtesy Farm Weekly 6/11/08)

The Monterey Murray Grey stud offered the brightest spots at the Premier Murray Grey sale in Wodonga last week.

First time sellers, and Monterey stud principals Gary and Julie Buller, who had been invited to sell in the sale, offered four cows with calves and a heifer. It was well worth the trip when they walked away with top price honours,selling a seven year old cow from the stud, Monterey Gemstone W66, for $8000. The cow was bought by regular top price buyers Kevin and Trish Vayro, Glengower, Miles, Queensland.

Gemstone W66 was by Monterey Sundowner GJB S72, had an autumn drop silver calf at foot, and was PTIC. Along with her stature, she had the highest growth figures in the catalogue of +31, +47 and +63 for 200, 400 and 600 day weights.

The Vayros also bought a second Monterey cow of the same breeding with a silver bull calf at foot and PTIC for $7250. Mr Vayro, a former butcher, said," there's nothing like a Murray Grey on the block". The couple said the females will "do it harder at home in Queensland" than WA and it's unlikely the cows will be butchered. "They are two magnificent cows with high growth figures. We hope to get many calves out of them beyond their calves at foot with sire or breeder potential," Mr Vayro said.

Also picking up a Monterey cow was the Koopman family, Tungkillo, South Australia, when they invested $7500 in Monterey Showgirl V125. Showgirl V125 was a daughter of Hermitage Better Canna Be, had a silver bull calf at foot and was PTIC.

Also paying good money for the fourth cow was Robert and Marilyn Pell, Kyabram, Victoria, who bought a $5500 Monterey Showgirl Z drop heifer by Glenliam Farm Vindictive V46, with a heifer calf at foot, to build a new Murray Grey stud.

The Bullers also sold a mated B drop heifer for $3000 to Peter Barratt, Wheelview Stud, Tenterfield.

Lot 5 Monterey Gemstone W66 (photo) Sold to K & T Vayro, Miles, QLD. $8000
A truly elite female and a current traitleader for growth. Has exceptional EBV’s across the board. Has growth, soundness of structure, milk and femininity. Lovely calf at foot and remated to a multi-traitleading sire. We have retained her dam and a daughter. Calf at foot, Monterey Direction D81, sired by Stratosphere. Outstanding 3 in 1 unit. PTIC
Lot 12A Monterey Showgirl Z212 (substitute lot) Sold to RB & MI Pell, Kyabram. $5500
Feminine young cow, full of quality. Has a terrific slick coat and lovely udder. Top 1-5% for milk. A very classy heifer calf at foot by Whirlwind, who stamps his progeny with great depth, length and thickness. Remated to Monterey Bombadier, who is possibly the best bull we have bred to date. PTIC
Lot 19 Monterey Showgirl V125 - (photo) Sold to DJ Koopman, Tungkillo, SA. $7500
Quality daughter of outstanding sire Monterey Sundowner (two daughters Grand Champion females at Perth Royal and Supreme Junior Interbreed female) Has terrific capacity, length, muscling and structure. Daughter retained in herd. Promising bull calf at foot and remated to a truly outstanding young sire, Monterey Bodybuilder B30.
Lot 22 Monterey Gemstone Y40- (photo) Sold to K & T Vayro, Miles, QLD. $7250
A magnificent matron with a classy bull calf at foot by the Senior and Grand Champion Bull at the 2005 MG Feature at Sydney Royal Show. Dam was sold for $9600. We have retained two daughters. Remated to Monterey Bootlegger, who is ranked the number 1 "B” drop bull in the breed for Domestic Supermarket $Index, and top 1% for growth. Quality 3 in 1 outfit.
Lot 36 Monterey Joyce B74 Sold to P Barratt, Wheelview, Tenterfield. $3000
Top class heifer with two of the Breed’s elite cows on each side of her pedigree in Magnolia S90 and Joyce N12. Outstanding structure, growth-performance, femininity and style. First mated Stratosphere daughter to be offered. Mating sire is a fabulous young bull with low birthweight (+2.6), terrific growth and carcase data in top 1-5% of the breed. PTIC