$ Index Values

What are Index Values? They represent the best indicator of an animal’s worth when targeting a particular market whilst maintaining a self replacing herd. Thus, if you breed for the domestic supermarket trade, the Supermarket $Index is the best indicator of future profitability using a particular bull. Likewise, for the Long Fed $Index. For breeders wishing to keep their options open and maintain a versatile herd, they should aim for a balance between the two.

  Long fed Domestic Supermarket
Bull A $43 $15
Bull B $38 $35
Bull C $19 $40

Bull A (top 5%) would generate slightly more profit in the long fed market than bull B (top 10%), while bull C (top 1%) would generate significantly more profit in the domestic supermarket trade than bull A (bottom 20%). For the breeder looking for versatility, bull B is the best bet – able to target both markets with no real downside. NB Selection on $Indexes or EBV’s alone, is extremely unwise as the bulls must also be structurally sound, and have the style, muscle and outlook to make a positive contribution to a breeding programme before Indexes or EBV’s are even considered.